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Automotive Belts




Bando Rib Ace:  V-ribbed belts are precision engineered for long life under severe operating conditions. Used on standard V-ribbed pulley and serpentine drives.


  • Flexible, oil heat resistant backing extends belt life.

  • Strong tensile cords carry high horse power loads without stretching.

  • Ground rubber ribs are compounded from high strength synthetic rubber for wear resistance and long life.






Bando’s RPF Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts: molded notch design, gives extra flexibility to reduce heat buildup and provide long belt life, especially on small pulleys.


  • Oil and heat resistant rubber impregnated fabric is extra flexible to reduce heat buildup and prevent cracking.

  • Strong tensile cord is engineered and treated to carry high horsepower loads without stretching. 

  • Retains tension to reduce maintenance.

  • Tough fiber reinforce rubber protects and stabilizes tensile cord.

  • Molded notch design increases flexibility, so belt runs cooler and longer.







Bando’s OHC Timing Belts: are designed and built to provide the positive, no slip drive requirements needed on demanding overhead cam applications.


  • Rubber backing resists abrasion, oil and heat.

  • Tensile cord is engineered and treated for maximum load carrying capabilities – won’t stretch. 

  • Precision molded teeth are protected by durable fabric facing for long life.

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