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We became known in the marketplace for our brake pads and brake shoes  -  Hi-Tec Brakes – a  full line of brake pads and brake shoes of outstanding quality.  Over the last 25 years we have supplied the Puerto Rico and Caribbean market with these high quality brake products.  Today we have four different friction materials from which to choose:


Premium Metallic Gold    -   The “workhorse”. This brake pad provides long durability with low dust and no noise.


Premium Semi  -   Metallic Asbestos Free: Green! This economy brake pad provides excellent stopping quality with low dust at a competitive price.


Severe Duty Red  -  This Brake pad is excellent for heavy duty vehicles. Hi-Tec Severe Duty delivers the maximum stopping power for brake pads.


Ceramic Pad  Ultra clean, Ultra quiet, Dust free with no metallic particles.


Back in 1988 we started with brakes and became the leader in the local market supplying the most demanding customers.  Now we have diversified our product lines and can supply our customers with suspension, hydraulic brake and clutch parts, brake hoses, hubs, rotors, drums, dampers, Bando belts  and manifolds.  As with brake pads and brake shoes we believe in full coverage of all our product lines providing our customers with the option of one stop supplier.


All our products are guaranteed from manufacturer defects and we stand by their quality.  


All our suppliers are ISO9001:2000 certified.


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